For me improvisation is like meditation in motion. I like how it allows me to observe my thoughts, confront my fears, and how open and connected in makes me feel.

I started dancing in Poland when I was 7 and then I ‘stopped’ for a long while. After initial training which included some bits of ballet, Latin ballroom and even disco dance :) I then took many years to find my way back on the dance floor. It was not until I started meditating, over a year ago, that I got more and more interested in the body-mind relationship and rediscovered the beauty of movement. 

Currently based in Amsterdam, I am now taking classes in modern dance, yoga and improvisation.

As much as dance is an important part of my life in Holland, most of my days here are filled with academic research. Trained in economics, I am currently writing my PhD about arts and artistic cities at the University of Amsterdam.